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Five Minutes of Fame Talks for 2-19-2009[edit | edit source]

Slot 1: "TraceyText: An educational tool to teach programming via the web" Link1 Link2 --Al Sweigart

Slot 2: "Learn Esperanto, the Universal Language" --Asheesh Laroia

Slot 3: "C-41 Process: How Color Film Works" --Autumn Tyr-Salvia

Slot 4: "println (("1D Barcodes" =3D~ /1D/ ).replaceFirst("2D"))" -- Philip Stehlik

Slot 5: Some Things I Have Been Working On-- Jonathan Foote

Slot 6: "Low Tech High Tech" --Michael Kan Kan

Slot 7: "How I Learned to Live a Life I Love (And You Can Too)" ("talk notes")--Mitch Altman

Slot 8: "MySQL InnoDB Hotcopy" --David Stainton

Slot 9: "How to make all the other presenters hate you" --pvck