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Slot 0: "The Reviewed Movies of John Waters" -- froggytoad
Slot 1: "Find ha.sh:  A search engine for files you already have" -- Asheesh Laroia & Jeffrey Malone
Slot 2: "The Two Sides of Business Empathy and Power" -- Karl Long
Slot 3: "Orb Swarm : Kinetic Art Breaks From the Machine" -- coreyfro
Slot 4: "Integrating ZigBee into a project" -- nils
Slot 5: "Charlieplexing" -- Josh Meyer
Slot 6: "Rise of the Steamfucking Machines" -- Ani Niow
Slot 7: "Learn to Read: 한글 인 파이브 미느츠" -- Skory
Slot 8: "Watchuwant.tv"  -- Arvind Narayanan, Adam Bossy, David Molnar
Slot 9: "Safire's Magic"  -- Safire

Thanks to all the audience and participants, the event was held at 8PM at 83c Wiese.