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Slot 0: "Introduction to Five Minutes of Fame" -- aestetix
Slot 1: ""The Beautiful Ones; A Discussion on Preening 3-Dimensional Avatars"" -- Pierce and Gillian
Slot 2: ""Anonymity, Procrastination, and other Life Lessons"" -- Al Sweigart
Slot 3: ""Message Queueing systems and Brokers"" -- JSharp
Slot 4: ""Custom Input devices with V-USB and AVR"" -- Ryan-C
Slot 5: ""Mutopic Sound or Hacking Distributed Noise"" -- Christie Dudley
Slot 6: ""My Super Cool, Very Rare Video-game Collection"" -- Alex Handy
Slot 7: ""Flip Flops, Oscillators, and Christmas Candles"" -- Bill Nye
Bloopers: ""5MoF Rejected""

(A couple speakers were unable to attend to the event)

The event was held at 8PM at 83c Wiese. Thanks to all the audience and participants.