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"Introduction" --aestetix
"Conversation: A Fun and Challenging Game for Two Or More!" --Turkshead
"You can't do that in Python!" --Jonathan Foote
"Event Probability - Compatibility Prediction for Social Gathering" --John Magolske
"Living in Antarctica" --Sandwich
"Nextbus' Datafeed" --Jeffrey
"Journalism is D00000000med" --Alex Handy
"I Make Languages (and you can too)" --Sai Emrys
"2 Years in Five Minutes" --Rubin
"Python-scripting Poser for Pseudo-3D in Flash" --Bill Nye

The event was held at 8PM at 83c Wiese. Thanks to all the audience and participants.

Some speakers preferred their videos not be made public. 5MoF respects these wishes.