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"The audio-visual symphony of 4'33" (aestetix)
"Center for un-Authorized Repairs: hacking culture with media" (feel real neil)
"Crankin' portfolio shit" (David Kelso)
"Postural Alignment for a Healthy Body/Mind/Spirit" (Hae Min)
"Introduction to American Sign Language" (Sai Emrys)
"OpenHatch, an open source connection engine" (Asheesh Laroia)
"Autodidacticism for dummies" (turkshead)
"Video Choreographies" (Surabhi Saraf)
"Burning Man API (BM-API)" (nym)
"Alex Handy sums up Godel Escher Bach in 5 minutes" (Alex Handy)

The event was held at 8PM at 83c Wiese. Thanks to all the audience and participants.