5MoF/2010/05 20

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“Treatise on the Steppenwolf” (Harry Haller)
“The Dr. Who Postcard Project” (Thomas Lotze)
“What is Cold Fusion?” (Sean Logan)
“!ƧЯOЯЯIM: Through the Looking-Glass” (Jonathan Foote)
“DIY Dongs” (hephaestus)
“Who’s Talk is it Anyways?” (Alex Handy)
“Strawlenoids” (Darin “DW” White)
“Zip it and put it in your pocket” (AJ Cook)
“A Hardware Love Story” (Nana)
“Wampeters, Soma, and Granfalloons” {The Empty Set}

The event was held at 8PM at 2169 Mission. Thanks to all the audience and participants.