Five Minutes of Fame 2010 07 15

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“The Strange and Wonderful World of Tentacle Porn” (Mario)
“On Dumbness” (Al Sweigart)
“How to talk about the weather to pasty white guys at 108Mbit” (dr_jesus)
“Puppetry for Monkeys” (Miah)
"Five Minutes of Flail" (Sai Emrys)
"Help Noisebridge get some Balls" (Ani Niow)
"Food Hacking at Noisebridge – Let’s Bubble!" (Frantisek Apfelbeck)
"Resistor Codes" (DrShiny)
"Calculus for Dummies" (John Waters)
"And now a word from our sponsors" (aestetix)

The event was held at 8:00PM at 2169 Mission. Thanks to all the audience and participants.