5MoF/2010/08 19

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“Summa Theologica” (Richard Dawkins)
“Dumb is Good: Thoughts on Anti-Intellectualism” (Al Sweigart)
“How to Run a Barcamp” (Carl Sue)
“Android University” (Ozzy Satori)
“Experiments in Energy Harvesting” (Amber Lee)
“Legalization Now: Using Business to Empower Consumers” (Jehan Tremback)
“Life saving Food Cultures” (Frantisek Apfelbeck)
“Kombucha, My Lord, Kombucha” (Naomi Most)
“The Gaiety Project” (Cameron Eng)
“Making Music With a Phone” (Doctor Popular)
“The Open Primer Project” (Alex Peake)
“Manufacturing Dissent” (Quinn Norton)

The event was held at 8:00PM at 2169 Mission. Thanks to all the audience and participants.