Five Minutes of Fame 2016 2 18

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A Night Welcome to All members of the communities, and curious technologists of all levels. Speaker, published Make: Author, Matt Richardson will be Speaking (confirmed for 2/18/2016) and in the thru NoiseBridge Spirit we will hire a compassionate and sweet MC to herd the Kittens into a Speeaker Session ( 15 Minutes Presentation, 15 minutes of Q and A from audience. Narrowing scope of discussion to Raspberry Pi, Arduino, And Mobile Technologies is Announced, and posted to focus the Q & A in to a corral of discussion that we all want to play in. Note please come to this meet-up, Hosted at NoiseBridge.

Theme: "Bridge" We will scope the discussion and seek insights from the guest speaker, who is an expert in this field, 1st American Raspberry Pi Foundation Employee, Matt Richardson. More at

This Night will we a blast, Bunny will be all so speaking to students of the Raspberry pi Local Class, and asking about project regarding Sensors on the pi zero..., I will use my 5 Minutes to ask a good short question to allow Matt to respond. We could achieve maximum insights if we all take turns. of educational entertainment on Raspberry Pi Technologies.

Please Indicate which hour you may want to be a speaker at:

Upon arrival please check in at " The Raspberry Pi Station. to list your topic and we will call you at your time slot, 50% of speakers may by drop'in, we have built in time to accommodate listeners present the night of.

Noise Bridge suggest space use donation is $13 / per person and we do not accept no currencies. No one turned away due to lack of funds. And the fund go to projects at the 501c.3 Educational non-profit in the Mission, a place I love, NoiseBridge. Donate at