5MoF/2017/01 26

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Note: This is the replacement event for the postponed 5moF on Jan 19th

Put your name and title of your presentation - additionally a link if anyone wants to learn more.

Please also include contact details so that organisers can notify you in case the event needs to be canceled or postponed. A user page with details suffices.

Videos: Full YouTube Plalist for Talks

1. Sam Lanning - Lights & Music (Slides) (Video)

2. Alex Peake - Gamebridge Unityversity and Hackerspaces VR (Video)

3. Patrick O'Doherty - Coreboot and you (Video)

4. lizzie - manpages?

5. Owen Campbell-Moore - Secretbook: Hiding messages in images on Facebook (Wired Article, Hilariously Bad Article) (Video)

6. Nemil Dalal - Showing Selective Media Coverage Using Data (The Space Shuttle Challenger and the O Ring, How Media Fuels Our Fear of Terrorism) (Video)

7. Bob Hermes - Teaching San Francisco Ravens to open locked boxes (LockpickExtreme) (Video)

8. J - Noisebridge Field Trips: Another cool way to get to know Noisebridgers (Video)

9. Jonas - Magnios - a cloud unikernel operating system virtual computer (Video)

10. DR. KEYNOTE - Punching Nazis? (Video)