Five Minutes of Fame 2020 03 19

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Thursday March 19th, 2019 8:00PM

8:00pm Third Thursdays

3rd Floor 2169 Mission Street

You are welcome and somewhat encouraged to have slides to accompany your presentation. All presentations will be televised, live for your viewing pleasure on our YouTube account!

Find the Meet Up page for this event here

To sign up follow the example below:

  1. . Talk title or topic; first name or alias; e-mail (to contact you); Twitter handle (optional).

1. ____Title Here________ - ______NYM______

2. ____Title Here________ - ______NYM______

3. Sounds and Bits of AY3 - @hackabax hi [at] bench DOT supply

4. Sexy Nails - @Romyilano My game from the Noisebridge Global Game Jam 2020 - finish painting customers' nails in beautiful designs

5. "Rope-Man" Global Game Jam PostMortem. Isaac James


6. Metal Snail Gear Solid Global Game Jam Postmortem. Mark