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Notes and tips on using FlashDevelop for AIR applications. With specifics on Arduino integration.


Current dev environment:

  • FlashDevelop
  • AIR SDK + ASC 2.0 14.0.0
  • Windows 7




Native Extensions (ANE)[edit]

Initial Project Configuration[edit]

  • Create/Open AIR Project in FlashDevelop
  • Add lib directory to root of project files
  • Copy .ane file to lib
  • Unzip/Extract .ane into a folder
  • Open extensions.xml in the extracted files at META-INF/ANE/
  • Locate and copy the contents of the <id> tag
  • Rename the extracted folder to the id value appended with .ane
    • For ArduinoConnector it will be com.quetwo.Arduino.ArduinoConnector.ane
  • In the Project panel of FlashDevelop, right-click the .ane file and Add To Library
  • Open application.xml for editing:
    • Add extensionID with the following (using ID of .ane):
      • <extensions>
      • <extensionID>com.quetwo.Arduino.ArduinoConnector</extensionID>
      • </extensions>
    • Specify extendedDesktop
      • <supportedProfiles>extendedDesktop</supportedProfiles>
  • Replace call adt... line in bat/Packager.bat with
    • call adt -package %OPTIONS% %SIGNING_OPTIONS% -target native %AIR_TARGET% %APP_XML% %FILE_OR_DIR% -extdir lib/
  • Replace adl... line in Run.bat with
    • adl "%APP_XML%" "%APP_DIR%" -extdir lib/
  • Replace set AIR_TARGET... line in PackageApp.bat with
    • set AIR_TARGET=air/Setup.exe

Reference Guide used for configuring FlashDevelop projects

ArduinoConnector.ane Issues[edit]

pthreadGC2.dll may not be properly referenced or included when testing or installing.

A work around for this is to copy pthreadGC2.dll in to the root directory of your installation, along with libSerialANE.dll and libgcc_s_dw2-1.dll

For testing in the IDE these files need also be added to the /bin folder of the compiling SDK, where adl.exe is located.