Flip Video Spotlight Program

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Noisebridge is now signed up for Flip's Video Spotlight Program. Yay!

What is this program? See the details here: http://www.flipvideospotlight.com/SpotlightHome.aspx

The camera the program is eligible for is the Flip Ultra120, details and specs can be found here: http://www.flipvideospotlight.com/learn/u1120_specs.aspx

What we get from this is a "buy one get one free" program. The camera is $150 retail but this program allows members to buy 2 (or more) for $150. One member could buy two for a project or two members could put $75 each for a camera, essentially getting it for half price. The idea is to empower members and participants to record video by giving them access to a cheap, easy to use, single purpose device. Some examples of use are; documenting their project, such as building an Arduino, or to use it in a project such as attaching it to a small balloon set to reach near earth orbit. The possibilities are pretty much endless.

For access to this program, ask Ani or check out a text file called "Flip Video Spotlight" on the desktop of Noisebridge-Greet located on the black metal desk you see just as you enter the space.