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Items marked with a "*" are things we'd like people to bring from home. Please edit the item with your name and how many you can bring so we know what's coming.


  • mop handles with standard wooden threads for head attachments ( x5 ) *
  • mild abrasive head for mop handles (ex: rough back of sponge) ( x5 ) *
  • synthetic lambswool heads for sealant and finish ( x10 )
  • mop head attachment for lambswool applicator ( x5 )
  • drum sander ( x2 ?)
  • many belts, 40 grit, 60 grit, 80 grit. Plus a line on where we can get more over the weekend if we run out
    • Action rentals on folsom is open till 4pm on sat and sun, and have both belts as well as what looks to be compatible floor sealant and finish
  • powerful rented shopvac ( x2 )
  • edge sanders, ( x2 )
  • taped hacksaw blades for cleaning out between boards
  • boxcutters, folding or otherwise for same *
  • make sure we've got enough extension cords to reach everywhere *
  • your own kneepads *
  • respirators, possibly for the sanding up putty phase *
    • I am not kidding about this. I've had an allergic reaction to the powder produced by sanding the filler, and it sucks. --lamont
  • more trowels, ideally board width. ( x10 ) *
  • fans to promote faster drying phases *
  • mats to wipe feet ( x2 ) *
  • big garbage cans ( x2 )*

drum sanders will be $95 per, edgers will be $35 per, shop vacs will be $30 per, total of 364.80 with the 14% damage insurance.

I'll overbuy on sealant and finish and return what we don't use on monday


  • take trash to dump
  • start moving everything to the rear window linoleum area
  • need vehicle to make run to pacific flooring supply company to get rest of sealant and finish


  • acquire all the crap from above, rent from hertz at 3pm
  • move every single thing in the building to the linoleum area
  • leave a space and tools for minor woodworking in case we have to make a wooden plug
  • leave space near the sink for cleaning
  • at 3pm, edging team starts working the edges of the space and around the columns with hand sanders, 40 grit. Also need boards cleaned and vacuumed in that edge area, how to time?
  • at 3pm, start stripping floor with 40 grit, diagonal pattern, then with the boards
  • as areas are sanded, scraper team of people scrapes out between boards. Someone behind them vacuums
  • putty team starts puttying. Puttying most time intensive. Mark time on grid when putty is applied so we know roughly when to expect it to be dry. Use a light touch, work it into the cracks, and try and keep the boards themselves free of putty.

GOALS: have entire floor clean and work crews started.


  • dump run to drop off sawdust + crap?
  • hand sander, cleaning and putty crews continue. Mark time when sections are putty'd so we know roughly when we can sand it
  • once hand sander team finishes, they need to re-sand the same areas from the dry putty using 60, then maybe 80 grit.
  • GOALS: have entire area sanded, cleaned and puttied, fans going overnight to dry out area.


  • drum sand any dry putty area with 60 grit, then 80 grit. Only need to go with the boards
  • hand sander team does same thing
  • vacuum/sweep area pre-sealing?
  • teams of two lay down and mop out sealant. Hopefully finished before lunch. Mark place on map to allow for drying time staggering.
  • 2-3 hours needed for drying
  • teams of two lay down bottom finishing coat
  • 2-3 hours drying
  • teams abraid surface
  • teams of 2 lay down bottom finishing coat
  • we keep out of space for 24 hours to let the floor cure/set


  • return hertz rented stuff by 9am
  • nobody goes in the space all fucking monday