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Notes from previous Front-end Web Development classes.


[edit] Class for 2016-08-15: jQuery

We'll introduce jQuery, a JavaScript library that makes web programming a whole lot easier. jQuery is the most popular of many libraries that allow us to interact with the document easily, while also providing us with a few tools that are missing from the base language.

To learn what jQuery can do, we'll add some scripting to this sample web app.

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[edit] Class for 2016-08-08: JavaScript, cont'd

We'll continue discussing JavaScript basics: arrays, objects, creating functions, and scopes.

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[edit] Class for 2016-08-01: JavaScript

We'll talk about JavaScript: making web pages interactive through client-side code. We'll use the console, which is part of the browser's developer tools, to demonstrate the basics of the language. This and next week's class can be treated as a general introduction to programming.

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[edit] Class for 2016-01-25: version control (Git) and the command line

This class is a general overview on version control and the command line. Most developers collaborate with their peers by using version control systems, which allows them to keep track of their work in a reliable fashion and push it to the web.

Again, this class isn't about web development per se - it's just an important introduction to using the command line to work with Git, one of the most popular version control systems. Everyone will create their own fork of a repository and check in their work.

During the half-hour before the class, we'll help people set up Git on their computers. On OS X, type git in a Terminal to get started. On Windows you should install Git for Windows. Also, please sign up for a GitHub account.

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[edit] Class for 2016-07-18: CSS selectors and the box model

CSS selectors are probably the most complex part of the CSS language, so we'll look at them further in-depth. We'll also talk about the box model, the display concept that makes words and containers on the web look like they do. All of this will be made easy with browser developer tools, which we'll learn how to use.

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[edit] Class for 2016-07-11: the basics

THIS is the class to attend if you are a complete beginner! We are starting the curriculum of this class from square one. We'll cover the very basics:

  • Explaining "front-end" vs. "back-end"
  • Explaining web apps vs. web sites
  • Discussing tools of the trade
  • Describing the separation between structure, presentation, and behavior
  • Writing a basic HTML page
  • Styling the page with basic CSS
  • Adding a small amount of JS
  • Explaining the role of front-end development as a job and career

No recap session for this class. Please show up before 8pm, as physical space is limited. Bring a laptop!

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