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Notes from previous Front-end Web Development classes.

[edit] Class for 2016-07-18: CSS selectors and the box model

CSS selectors are probably the most complex part of the CSS language, so we'll look at them further in-depth. We'll also talk about the box model, the display concept that makes words and containers on the web look like they do. All of this will be made easy with browser developer tools, which we'll learn how to use.

Lecture video
Lecture materials

[edit] Class for 2016-07-11: the basics

THIS is the class to attend if you are a complete beginner! We are starting the curriculum of this class from square one. We'll cover the very basics:

  • Explaining "front-end" vs. "back-end"
  • Explaining web apps vs. web sites
  • Discussing tools of the trade
  • Describing the separation between structure, presentation, and behavior
  • Writing a basic HTML page
  • Styling the page with basic CSS
  • Adding a small amount of JS
  • Explaining the role of front-end development as a job and career

No recap session for this class. Please show up before 8pm, as physical space is limited. Bring a laptop!

Lecture video
Lecture materials

Class notes from previous series

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