Fun-A-Day Round Up

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Note: This page is about an event that has already happened. It took place on a historic day.

Dear Friends, Family, and Other Excellent People,

Everyone needs fun in the month of January. What fun thing do you want to do every day? Draw? Take photos of your dog in hats? Cook? Dance in the street? Eat bacon? Hug a stranger? Choose something-anything!--to do every day of January, and document it any way you like. Photos, drawings, poems, lego structures, food-stuffs, anything that you do every day for your Fun-A-Day project is welcomed!

The Art Night Collective invites you to participate in a group show to showcase your art alongside your friends and neighbors in San Francisco on Sunday February 6th. There is no limit to what you can do, so long as it's documented in some way. You don't even have to be local!

Questions? Interested in participating in our San Francisco show? Please email Feel free to pass this email on to any friends, children, or family members who might be interested in participating--this is an all-inclusive, easy art project, so have fun with it! The more information we have about your project, the better we can organize the show.


  • What: Fun-A-Day
  • How: Do a daily project of any kind and document it in some way, every day from January 1st until January 31st.
  • When: Sunday February 6th, 2011 starting at 2pm
  • Where: Noisebridge
  • Why: Because it's awesome

LOVE, The Art Night Collective

Please note that you are still invited join us even if you get this after January 1st! And if you don't live in the bay area, you can send your project!

Fun-A-Day San Francisco is hosted by the Art Night Collective [1]

Fun-A-Day Oakland is curated by Rock Paper Scissors Collective [2]

The Fun-A-Day organization is headed by ArtClash Collective [3]