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Leadership giving levels[edit]

We should coalesce around some naming for different levels. Could be based on different circuit components for an actual noise bridge, on famous hackers, on fun science bits like Ohm's Law and the 2nd law of thermodynamics, on D&D/Pathfinder roles, etc.

Here are some possible options. We could conceivably go with all of these at once, and members could choose any type of scheme for their level title. Perhaps could also create their own ranking if they don't like any of these presented.

Colors are suggested as a way to differentiate the member levels, regardless of the names chosen.

The money levels are completely arbitrary, and just for the table to show how this might work.

Color? Donor level? Pathfinder Star Trek rank Circuit Physics Law Sci Fi device Inventor/Innovator Roll your own
red $10 Warrior Ensign Transistor Ohm's Law Light Sabre Stephen Hawking -
green $20 Rogue Yeoman Capacitor Second Law of Thermodynamics Cloaking Device Albert Einstein -
purple $60 Mage Lieutenant Diode Quantum Fluctuations Flux Capacitor Nikolai Tesla -
black $100 Bard Captain Frammistat Gödel's Incompleteness Theorem Dilithium Crystals Marie Curie -

Giving incentives[edit]

Different levels of support can include projects? Or help drive funding for specific improvements - so for example if Noisebridge wants some new lockers, members who donate get first crack at new lockers?

Borderlands bookstores has a cool thing where they just regularly have a special members night with drinks. This could be open to all, just held regularly.

Reddit gold style "certified excellent for a month": $5, you can't buy it for yourself.

can maybe offer kits and some training in various projects along with membership. People who want to get their kids into electronics in the safe and also freewheeling space that NB offers might dig this.

^ That might be something that could be partnered with local schools too. So local schools without NB's resources/knowledge can send some gifted kids to NB for some cool training.

Also, fundraisers at local venues with the various musical artists associated with NB?

Other fundraising[edit]

Oh, and as mentioned the previous night, a Noisebridge store could be cool. A place where the various artists and makers associated with Noisebridge can present stuff for sale, with a cut to Noisebridge donated from the artists.

The stuff sold at the store could be: a) print on demand, so T-shirts through something like Cafepress, books, music, posters etc. b) link directly to an etsy or similar store, where the particular creator handles all the shipping/billing stuff by themselves.

Other ideas[edit]

Also it looks like Mechanics Institute is in general a pretty good model for how to run a nonprofit based on knowledge and giving to the community.

Many hackers and makers are using NB as a space to build prototypes and launch their businesses. It would be neat to have a small portion of NB dedicated to the shelves of products that were either developed at NB or are/were produced at NB.

In addition to supporting our local business and them supporting us by providing product, this might be a neat way to inspire other makers to create new projects they can add to the collection