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Stories about people and projects which have occured at Noisebridge tell the history and spirit of the hacker in the hackerspace. We need to record these store for our sake to remember and for the sake of showing the outside world what can be done at Noisebridge and how Noisebridge changes people lives. Here are some guidelines for doing so.


Make sure the people understand that their stories will be told publicly: posted on the wiki and to Noisebridge's social media, as well as sent to potential donors.


Get people names, contact information, company names, social media handles and websites. Start the clip with something like "Hi, my name is X, and this is Y". This can be taped later and cut in.


For a company or project, focus on some cool part or innovation. If the project will yield some greater good to the community, tell that story. "This is an open source chemical printer which can be used to create low cost HIV medication". Find the inspiring part of the project, and not necessarily a video of a gear turning. However, complex mechanisms are also visually and intellectually p[easing.

Keep the content short, byte sized. People will get bored with a rambling explanation, and we want them to see a cool thing and be inspired.


Stores files (docs, text, links, video, sounds etc) will be stored in a folder per story on matt arcidy ( / @rando) drop box for the time being. Please get in contact for access.