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Copy scratch pad: Fundraising Copy


We will use copy in different contexts:

  • familiarity: has the intended reader heard of Noisebridge? Do they basically live (but not sleep!) here?
  • medium: is this on social media, is it an ad in a newspaper, or did we email it?

Social Media[edit]


Context: people who are considering whether or not to donate to Noisebridge, and people who may decide to increase or decrease their donation.

Current copy[edit]

Noisebridge, one of the oldest hackerspaces in the United States, is losing our lease. We want to buy a building.

Noisebridge remains one of the few open hackerspaces in San Francisco where anyone can be empowered to learn and tinker with technology with the support of our community.

The fundraising team has set a goal of raising $20,000 per month to support a bigger building with even more capabilities.


  • 1,000 hackers around the world donate $10/month and
  • 100 hackers around the world donate $100/month

then we will hit that $20,000/month goal.

What are we?

We are Noisebridge. Noisebridge is a makerspace/hackerspace for technical-creative projects, doocratically run by everyone. We are a non-profit educational institution intended for public benefit. We have a 5,200 square-foot space located in the heart of San Francisco. We teach, we learn, we share. Read more about Noisebridge or watch a short video.

Noisebridge continues to operate entirely through monetary donations from people like you!

Our 5,200 square-foot space (483m2) contains an electronics lab, machine/wood shop, sewing/crafting supplies, two classrooms, conference area, and library. Everyone is welcome to use our many resources. Find others to create with, help with your projects & help others with their projects. Learn, teach, share. Come to Noisebridge and create!

Noisebridge is as open as possible. Typical "open hours" are from 11:00am-10:00pm, however this varies greatly depending on scheduled events and who is using the space on any given day. New visitors are welcome any time (all ages, all skill levels), as long as someone is in the space and able to answer the door. During scheduled events we are more likely to have volunteers available to show you around and make introductions.

Come and Create With Us!


Noisebridge needs a bigger space! We're leaving our space by August 2019, and we need your support. Join our nonprofit hacker community! Our biggest needs are recurring donations & fundraising volunteer help. Donate at and visit at 2169 Mission St.