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Fundraising Guild handles fundraising-related tasks such as PR and outreach efforts, and also helps moderate such efforts done do-ocratically by our members.

Where to find us[edit]

  1. a mailing list
  2. #fundraising-wg on the Noisebridge slack


  1. Recurring donations needs to exceed monthly expenses
  2. Events and campaigns to raise one-time donations and get people to become recurring donors
  3. secure Noisebridge's future in a physical space


Raising the Fun[edit]

Raising the Fun is a campaign which started in August 2018 with a goal to purchase a building before the lease at 2169 Mission ended.

Noisebridge Space Program (NBSP;)[edit]

NBSP; was the search for a new building which started in 2016. While not an official fundraising campaign, fundraising was a significant component. This campaign was abandoned when the lease at 2169 was extended till August 2019.


Press Kit

Fundraising/Fundraising Copy A repository for text which can be used for communication about the fundraising campaign

Fundraising/Stories Guidelines to record and create stories for fundraising

Little Green Light

How to Help[edit]


Fundraising working group is recruiting to grow Noisebridge's funding sources in a number of areas.

  1. ongoing fundraising to increase Patreon donors,


Noisebridge has many data sources:

  1. Stripe
  2. PayPal
  3. Direct Deposit
  4. bitcoin
  5. ... and other income

Data centralization provides timely important information to the cause. codebase on Github can be extended to house this functionality.


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