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Depending on how much interest we can get, we can help determine a venue. If you just want to help and don't care about the area you help out in, put yourself in the "don't care" category. The other categories are for people who have specific interests in what they would like to donate. If we don't need your preferred area in the venue we end up picking, you'll be contacted to ask if you'd like to volunteer for some other assignment. Make sure to put in your vote at the bottom for your fav ideas.

Overall Planning[edit]

Let's meet Wednesday, June 23rd at 8:00PM in Noisebridge to plan date and get general interest. Shoot me an e-mail in case you are interested but can't make it. Notes will be posted here following the meeting.


Who wants to help partcipate in the following areas:

Entertainers (include both your name and what awesomeness you can bring. If you need more space, use the entertainers section below):

  • Your Name Here

Front Register/ID Checking

  • Your Name Here

Utility Peeps (Run the Bar, Describe the Space to N00bs, Collect Donations, etc.)

  • Sean C
  • Your Name Here


  • Your Name Here

Don't Really Care (stick me wherever)

  • Your Name Here

Entertainer Details[edit]

Your kick ass act or suggestion for aforementioned kick assedness should go here.

Potential Locations[edit]

Where we hold it will determine a lot of stuff like equipment required, etc. Ideas are:

  • 3rd party space where we provide everything - entertainment, door, bar, etc. Would require the largest number of people, but we get to take all the profit after paying for the space.
  • 3rd party space where we provide entertainment only. Would require a medium number of people. We'd likely get to take some cut of the nights tab (depending on the space, this could be cover charges, bar tips, etc.)
  • At Noisebridge. Would require a small number of people, but may be tricky to get new peeps into the space. We'd need to think of a way to make money on this.

3rd Party Event Space (We Provide Everything) Ideas[edit]

CELLspace (~1 yr. old info)[edit]

"CELLspace is a fully permitted place of entertainment (POE), capable of hosting events for up to 299 people until 2am Friday through Sunday (and sometimes Thursday)."

It looks like the best available date for Cellspace would be Friday October 9th. I think at 1 month out from moving in, this would be a good date for a party.

CELLspace website


  • permits all taken care of
  • they'll hand-hold us through all the steps to stay legal
  • They exist to support non-profits (like us)
  • Indoor smoking (seriously!)
  • Equipment (lighting, sound, etc.) provided
  • Decent location (was site of 2009 CodeCon)


  • Cost:
    • Friday $800 to $1,200
    • Saturday $1,200 to $2,000
    • Sunday $250 to $500

DaveX runs the place and I have a decent rapport with him, so would be happy to interface. Christie

3rd Party Event Space (We Take A Section of Profits) Ideas[edit]

El Rio[edit]

Excerpt from the El Rio Website:

Funds are generated by the door, donations(can also include food), raffles, auctions… we do not do any arrangements related to bar sales. It is our only income and we can’t mess with that. We also do not do beer busts.

We are a bar, all guests/performers/volunteers, must be over 21 years old(no exceptions). Avoid live entertainment and it is much easier to find dates. You are welcome to bring in food or have your event catered. You can only cook (BBQ) by using our staff. You can not outright sell food but can do a suggested donation (Health Dept Requirement). You can not bring in/sell any beverages (non/alc). Tell us if you have never done a fundraiser before, we will help.

Services we offer- Sound ( Live and DJ), Film, Catering (BBQ on site), Door and Bar.

In el rios book of grand acts, benefits are up there… so pat yourself on the back, your mama/papa would be proud. Somebody raised a good egg. Thanks for what you are doing.

How We Could Make Money at Noisebridge[edit]

Your idea goes in here![edit]

Your Favorite Idea & Place[edit]

  • Sean: Still deciding based on level of interest