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Fuzzy Chef Cooking Classes[edit]

If they become a regular thing, these will be held on Thursdays in the Noisebridge kitchen. The purpose of the classes are to have fun, eat good food, learn to cook, and to raise money for new NB kitchen equipment.

Cuisine and techniques explored will focus on various ethnic foods, with an emphasis on meatless or low-meat food. In general, recipes will be home-cooking oriented. All classes will be hands-on, and participants are requested to help with the washing-up.

Money from the classes will go entirely towards ingredients and NB kitchen equipment, and maybe cab fare for the teacher.

June 24: Crepe Basics[edit]

Another European standard which has been made hoity-toity by French-American restaurants. Around our place, crepes are an easy weeknight food and they can be at your place too!


  • Salad with "Avocado Goddess" dressing
  • Ratatouille crepes with gruyere cheese
  • Dessert crepes with Nutella and jam

Other crepe dishes I might demo if registration for the cooking class is high:

  • "Complet" crepe
  • Blintzes
  • Crepes Suzette

Schedule: Thursday June 24th, 6pm to 9:30pm

Attendees should bring: Apron, tupperware container for leftovers

As always, participants are requested to donate $20 each to cover the cost of ingredients and (hopefully) contribute to the Noisebridge kitchen equipment fund. Class includes dinner and wine.

Registration for Crepe Class[edit]

Please either put your name below to register, or sign up for the Cooking Class Mailing List.

April 29: Risotto[edit]

Risotto is a common Northern Italian peasant dish, and can be a one-pot meal for weeknights. It can also be very gourmet. We'll do examples of both styles in this class.


  • Easy mushroom-red wine risotto with Pecorino Romano
  • Spring risotto with fava beans, garlic chips and shrimp
  • Simple antipasti plate
  • Italian wine

Schedule: Thursday, April 29th, 6pm to 9pm.

Purchase for NB kitchen: 2 new pots (enrollment permitting)

Cost to attend: $20

Attendees should bring: apron

Registration for Risotto Class[edit]

Please add your name and contact information below this statement, or e-mail me at Fuzzy@Fuzzychef.org. Class is limited to 9 students.

  • Josh Berkus/Fuzzy Chef: Instructor
  • Mike
  • Mark
  • Renee
  • Lisa