Fyber Collective Projects/Cybernetic Collective Quilt

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Quilting/textile work by: Emeline, Michelle, Anthea, Julian + quilting bee participants

Mixed media including cotton fabric, cotton batting, cotton thread, motion sensors, arduino, LED lights, wood glue, particle board. Produced using a sewing machine, programmable embroidery machine, laser cutter, table saw. Designed using Inkscape, Ink/Stitch, Singer Futura Quartet software, Stable Diffusion, and ChatGPT.

Original AI design generated by: Ellie, Matt, Michelle, Emeline, Anthea, TJ

Useful links:

We started our channel during our first in-person meeting in April 2023. We posted generated images starting here: https://discord.com/channels/1065712609699045446/1086740572276002906/1086740749577629696. The final designs we chose and some notes are here: https://discord.com/channels/1065712609699045446/1086740572276002906/1086749340162343012. Our original todo list, compiled by Matt: "Thank you very much to @elieri , @emelineb , @michelle , @culteejen (TJ) , @anthea for work on this so far! To do: (1) Create a final photoshopped image composing the desired elements. Come to consensus by next weekend (2) Figure out how to print on cloth ( @emelineb has a lead). (3) Figure out the embroidery machine. (4) Buy supplies (also determine supplies: fabric, threads, others?) (5) Organize a series of working sessions to do the actual work! (0): Use upscaling to get high-res versions of the input images"