Fyber Collective Projects/Do Generative Models Dream of Androids

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By: Émeline Brulé, Fyber Collective, 2023

Knitted tapestry - 138 x 25 in

This piece is the result of a performance: five hours spent on a computerized knitting machine in May to physicalize an image generated with stable diffusion the day before, prompting this generative model to show us what it dreams of. Many of the results emphasized spaces, and here we can read a cityscape rising between the clouds. Scaling it up in tapestry format distorts the image, emphasizing its ethereal aspect and breaking with the hyper reality usually sought from generative models, inviting the viewers to question these tools.

Knit small.jpg

Long knit.jpg

Knitting Machine[edit]

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AI prompt[edit]

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Original stable diffusion generated image[edit]

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