GSM Anomaly Detection Workshop (Hackatorium)

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On Sunday, March 26th, at noon, we'll be assembling SITCH sensors, setting up the SITCH service, and going over how to use the sensors in your home or office. What is SITCH? It's an anomaly detection system for GSM networks, specifically used for detecting the anomalies that indicate a Man-In-The-Middle (MITM) device is active and nearby. Here's a link to the project's site

For simplicity's sake, Here's a parts list on Amazon... the price, as-ordered, on Feb 19 2017 was just under $170. You don't have to have a case for your Raspberry Pi, most people already have an ethernet cable lying around, and you can certainly go with a slightly less expensive NooElec NESDR Mini... but the experience will generally be better if all the electronic components are comparable.

For questions on parts or any other prep items, feel free to reach out via the Noisebridge discuss list, or in the SITCH Gitter channel!

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