GWOB legal dispute overview

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tl; dr version: You might be contacted by a woman named Pat Luther about our tour and the name Geeks Without Borders. We will be changing our name if need be - but in the meantime, we still want to go ahead with efforts, whatever name they end up under. Credit where credit is due, but Pat did not originate the idea of Geeks Without Borders.

long version: A note of concern - a woman named Pat with a previous manifestation of Geeks Without Borders is reaching out to the stops on our tour to inform people that we stole her name. The name has formally existed under a gentleman named Tim since 2000; Pat's org received 501(c)3 under the name in 2003 (and congrats to them - I know how difficult it can be to get these), but has not been active since then; many other organizations under this name have sprung up online in the past few years. Many of them; along with orgs like inveneo, open bts, and geek corp; are joining forces with us to help those in need. We've reached out to Pat to see how we can help her and best go about all this, to no response. Early attempts at contacting her organization also went unanswered. In the meantime, we've changed our official name to GWOBorg, but the wheels are already turning and we feel it would be a bad idea to halt progress while we sort this out. Please refer to us as GWOBorg in any printed materials. You can find Pat's Geeks Without Borders at Our lawyers are in touch with her, and it makes me sad and angry that humanitarian organizations can't get along. Please do let me know if she pesters you to much, or if you have concerns about all of this. As always, you can contact Willow.