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This is a log of meetups and lessons for GameDevelopment.

Wed Jan 6 2010[edit]

First class of 2010!

Why are we interested in game dev?[edit]

First of all, figure out why you want to learn game development. What's your goal? What's your background?

  • Keith: Background in web dev, wants to learn game dev.
  • Leora: Interested in developing character ideas into game form.
  • Alex: I like Unity and I'm into teaching it!

What You Need[edit]

You need a few things to learn Unity.

  • A computer running Mac 10.5 or Windows XP+.
  • As much memory a you can get. Max out the memory you can install in your computer. Unity likes a lot of memory! If you have 1GB, might want to up that to 2 or 4 GB.
  • The free Unity game engine Download it to begin.

What this class covers[edit]

We're covering basics first and developing some simple games.

  • Download it
  • Get to know the window interface
  • Learn how to manipulate objects in Scene view
  • Learn how to move around with navigation
  • Do the built-in tutorials and download additional 3rd Person Platformer, 1st Person Shooter and 2D Platformer tutorials.

Create a simple scene with a flashlight and ghosts[edit]

These steps aren't complete, but will be detailed more precisely later. You can get help with all the missing steps by coming to the class.

  • Create a new project
  • drop a First Person Controller into it, set its transform to 0,0,0
  • Create a cube under it, resize it to 10,10,1
  • Make a sphere, rename it Ghost
  • Set its collider to IsTrigger = true
  • Make a javascript, rename it GhostKillsYou
  • Edit GhostKillsYou
  • Make it handle a collision with:

function onTriggerEnter ( collider : Collider) { Application.LoadLevel(0); // this resets the game to level id 0 }

  • Make a Cube called GhostSummoner
  • Make a script for it that uses Instantiate() to spawn more ghosts
  • Make a var GhostPrefabToSpawn : Transform;

Next Class:[edit]

  • Make AI for the ghost to chase the player