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6.10. Meetings

a. General Meetings (1) Annual Meeting

A general meeting of members shall be held at least annually at such time and place, and on such notice, if any, as the board may determine. Unless elected by written ballot, directors shall be elected at this meeting. Subject to Section 6.11 of these bylaws, any other proper business may be transacted at this meeting. (2) Place of Meeting

Meetings of the members shall be held at any place within or outside California designated by the board or by the written consent of all members entitled to vote at the meeting, given before or after the meeting. In the absence of any such designation, members' meetings shall be held at the corporation's principal office. The board may authorize members who are not present in person to participate by electronic transmission or electronic video communication. (3) Meeting conducted by Electronic Transmission

A meeting of the members may be conducted, in whole or in part, by electronic transmission by and to the corporation or by electronic video screen communication

   (a) if the corporation implements reasonable measures to provide members in person or by proxy a reasonable opportunity to participate in the meeting and to vote on matters submitted to the members, including an opportunity to read or hear the proceedings of the meeting substantially concurrently with those proceedings, and 
   (b) if any member votes or takes other action at the meeting by means of electronic transmission to the corporation or electronic video screen communication, a record of that vote or action is maintained by the corporation. Any request by a corporation to a member pursuant to Corporations Code section 20(b) for consent to conduct a meeting of members by electronic transmission by and to the corporation shall include a notice that absent consent of the member pursuant to Corporations Code section 20(b), the meeting shall be held at a physical location in accordance with Section 6.10.a.(2) of these bylaws. 

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