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We do our best to be excellent to each other and follow Community Standards at Noisebridge but when we have trouble getting along we follow some Conflict Resolution processes including our Asked To Leave Policy which states that anyone who feels unsafe at Noisebridge can ask someone to leave and anyone asked to leave should be excellent by agreeing to leave without further incident.

Getting along[edit]

  • FractalWorkingGroup - Our pattern for getting things done without dragging it to the Tuesday Meeting
  • Community Standards - How to not fuck up at Noisebridge
    • Conflict Resolution - What to do if you fuck up at Noisebridge
    • AskedToLeave - People who have fucked up and have been asked to leave for a while
    • 86 - People who have fucked up and are not welcome at Noisebridge at all
    • FERT - Harassers, predators, and the like who everyone should keep an eye out for
  • CommunityWorkingGroup - Bringing the Noisebridge community together to create a better space for all.
  • Conflict Resolution - What to do when we don't get along.
    • Mediation - People within the community who have offered their time, tears, and sweat to keep us all together.