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Hooray! We're so glad you want to visit. Noisebridge is a space that has been designed since its inception to be open to pretty much all hackers 24/7. We especially welcome those who like to tinker and hack on things, and those who are generally nice. On average, we do not want people looking for a halfway house to sleep in, using the space to store their items, coming here to indefinitely "borrow" or outright steal things, or being on the lookout for people to annoy. Read here for more Visitor advice on our culture and some suggestions on how to interface with it. Our collectivist Do-ocracy -style anarchy is often strange to people who are accustomed to more authoritarian structures, and many new visitors are initially confused on how things work or who they should talk to about things. You can get an excellent gist of cutting-edge happenings by reading the notes from our latest weekly meeting.

Noisebridge is located on the 3rd floor of 2169 Mission in the center of San Francisco's Mission District. Read up on Getting Here. There is a staircase and an accessible elevator. The elevator can be a little persnickety but it has a bell that rings up into the space for assistance if needed. Read more about Accessibility.

How Do I Get Into 2169 Mission?

If you've never been to the space before, press the Doorbell. There is generally someone available to answer the door when Noisebridge is open.

If you have an RFID Token, you may tag it to enter.

Otherwise, here are some ways to get in.

  • Come around regularly, become a trusted by a regular, and then politely request RFID Token access from a member.
  • Become a philanthropist.
  • Become a member.
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