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2019 Edition

A big hackathon for making games in 48 hours!

Organizers: Bernice Anne W. Chua; Mark Willson


Day 1 - Friday, Jan. 25[edit]

5:00 PM - Registration Opens

5:30 PM - Global Game Jam Begins / Keynote / Theme Reveal

6:30 PM - Team Formation

Day 2 - Saturday, Jan. 26[edit]

ALL DAY / ALL NIGHT - Make Games!

Day 3 - Sunday, Jan. 27[edit]

2:00 PM - GGJ Finish Line - Start uploading your games to the GGJ site

3:00 PM - Presentations begin

5:00 PM - Presentations end, pack up and clean up


GGJ2019 @ Noisebridge is done in collaboration with the SF Bay Area Game Jamming Game Design and Playcrafting SF.

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