Global Game Jam 2023

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Global Game Jam 2023 @ Noisebridge hosted by Bay Area Developers Collective is a site of the annual game jam around the world.

  • Global Game Jam Page: Game Jam Site Page
  • GGJ 2023 Diversifiers!: Diversifiers are a great way to add a little more fun or challenge to your jam weekend. Sometimes they can be very helpful to limit your scope or refine your ideas. They are totally optional constraints you can choose to add to your GGJ Online game alongside the main focus of the theme. It can help your game stand out from the crowd, and you can choose up to 4 when you submit! This year's diversifiers will also be available in other languages, which will be linked to this post as soon as they are ready.

2023 Edition

A big hackathon for making games, on January 30 - February 5th, 2023!



  • Organizers: User:Mwillson, User:Lxpk, User:Cocomittens
  • DocentSchedule: Sign up to be on hand to help Jammers get in and find what they need! The schedule lists days of the Jam that need docents (Greeters willing to be at the space for some hours those days so that we have 1-3 people likely to be at the space during open hours).

Info[edit | edit source]

Global Game Jam's Logo

GGJ2023 at Noisebridge is being hosted by Bay Area Devs Collective.

In order to promote the health, safety, and well-being of all the participants due to the global pandemic, this event will still be a hybrid event, both online and in-person if desired. HOWEVER, WE STRONGLY ENCOURAGE FOLKS TO COME TO THE SPACE IN PERSON (at least for the opening and closing ceremonies!)

The online portion of the event will be held in the Bay Area Devs Collective Discord.


PLEASE TAG YOURSELF WITH THE @GGJ2023 role in discord to receive jam-related announcements. (using "?rank ggj23")

We hope that everyone enjoys this event! :D

Theme Reveal[edit | edit source]

Theme will be revealed January 30th at 5PM PST!

Itinerary[edit | edit source]

All times are in Pacific Time / GMT-8 (More Details To Come)[edit | edit source]

Day 1 - Monday, Jan. 30[edit | edit source]

Note: please try to log in early, so that you can ask for help if you are having trouble (maybe between 3:30-4:00pm until 5:00pm).

4:00 PM - Special Talk

5:00 PM - Global Game Jam Begins / Keynote / Theme Reveal

5:30 PM - 6:30 PM - Team Formation

11:00 PM? - End of Day 1.

Day 2 - Day 7[edit | edit source][edit | edit source]

10:00 AM - 11:00 PM -- Make Games!

Day 7 - Sunday, Feb. 5[edit | edit source][edit | edit source]

10:00 AM - Start of the last day.

2:00 PM - GGJ Finish Line - Start uploading your games to the GGJ site

3:00 PM - Game Demos Presentations begin

5:00 PM - Presentations end, awards ceremony, pack up and clean up