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Saturday November 14th NOON SHARP until 2pm

vegan pancakes served[edit]


SLUSSER-----Antimatter-----Fletcher Pratt-----FSLUX-----Fognozzle


--Noisebridge Hackerspace is at
2169 Mission St
btwn 17/18th st.
San Francisco, CA 94110

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More Info[edit]

SLUSSER: Getting his first film sound job in 1975, he continued his career with a move to the San Francisco Bay area in 1977, where he joined Lucasfilm in 1984, and received an Emmy award for sound editing in 1993. He has worked often as a music editor for directors Francis Coppola, George Lucas and David Lynch, with whom he has co-composed music for his films. On his own he has composed for documentaries and public radio, as well as his jazz group Rubber City. His sound design is in the collections of both the Museum of Modern Art in New York and the Museum of Contempory Art in Los Angeles, though far more people have heard it in some of the more imaginative commercials on television in the 90s. He began an association with John Zorn in the mid eighties. Received two prizes in the 1999 Julius Hemphill Composition Awards, including first for jazz orchestra. Mr. Slusser has been with Pixar since mid-1996 & has recorded on John Zorn's Tzadik label.
When utilizing devices not designed for ˜conventional sound generation," interesting results can, and quite often do, emerge. ANTIMATTER aka Xopher Davidson offers up 11 studies in what could be described as "non-linear sound composition", using signal generators, test equipment and an analogue computer (whatever that is) as a modular synthesizer of sorts, creating washes, fades and blasts of white noise in a symphony of electronic pulses, rumbling tones and dense oscillations. - Nick Giles
Fletcher Pratt (Canada) has been working in the realm of experimental music since 2004. Since then he has been operating a cassette label called Midori Records, with many releases of his own projects and other artists from around the world. Among his various projects is an ongoing tape collage series called Mind Gunk, and in 2008 he performed a live version of it at the send + receive festival. He has since become immersed in the world of modular synthesizers, and in recent years he has incorporated live video into performances using analog video synthesizers, often synchronizing the audio and video for a hallucinatory effect.
FSLUX is the long-time project of Bay Area artist C. Sullivan, Fslux focuses on the manipulation of everyday sound, layering of textures, and generally lo-fi instrumentation. For this performance, she will be using vintage electronics, looping, effects and and various other sounds to aurally penetrate your mind's ear.
Fognozzle https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Eib20U3eUr0