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Greeters are Noisebridgers willing to answer the doorbell and let people in. Greeters will generally ask visitors if they've been to Noisebridge and offer a manual or tour if you're new. Anyone who answers the doorbell takes on the responsibilities of a greeter. Those who deliberately volunteer to make extra efforts to do tours and help other Noisebridgers choose to call themselves docents.

Preface / Warning / Responsibilities[edit]

No-one is required to answer the door. No-one is obligated to open the door or buzz people up. Door opening / buzzing is done do-ocratically by gracious volunteers. When you let someone in, you are responsible for:

  • The person or people who come in
  • Checking if each entering being has gotten a tour and is familiar with basic Noisebridge policies and patterns (particularly the one [excellence] rule and our [anti-harassment policy]).
  • If they haven't gotten a tour before or are not familiar with current Noisebridge, giving a tour and explaining our policies (one rule, anti-harassment policy, cleaning up after oneself, doocracy, consensus big and little, one rule doesn't mean there are no other rules, etc.)
  • Asking the being(s) you let in to disengage or to leave if they become a problem for the space.

Unwelcome Beings[edit]

  • Familiarize yourself with the 86 List; these beings are not welcome at Noisebridge.
  • Keep an eye on the #space-guardians channel and, preferably, have perused the last month worth of posts on said channel.


  • Letting in people you don't know after closing time
  • Verbally gendering people based on appearances (use they instead of she/xe/he)
  • Letting someone run past you directly to the back of the space