Hack Notes CVA 090531

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We got our PCBs and they look great! Here are some of Skory's notes from the first night of soldering things into one of the boards:

  • Need to add silk screen label for 0.1uF cap near eeprom, and maybe move the via that's cut away the O of COMMOUT.
  • we may want pins for batt holder very very slightly wider, screw holes very slightly higher
  • R1 is silk screened to be set on end, and the pins are accordinlgly narrow. this makes it hella tall!
  • holes for vreg not big enough for fat part of pins, darn. but, still fits ok, so less darn.
    • NOTE: v-reg goes in with the big metal sink AWAY from the board (it's not clear which pins are which in the data sheet, but it is now tested to be working this way)
  • why has one of the 0.1uF caps got a big-cap-ish footprint?
  • do we want a socket for the ATMega? (bigger and taller, but chip-swapping is good...)
  • the motor socket sticks out way farther than the switch, this is awkward maybe?
  • power switch works
  • v-reg is working, 4.7ishV coming from 3 alkaline AAAs, and 3.2ishV power is coming out and seems to be going to all the right places. That's about as extensive as my testing will be for tonight
  • toss in a circuit to monitor battery level?