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North Paw Hack Notes, June 30th, 2009[edit]

Meeting about Website[edit]

Skory, Eric and David met to talk about the website (sensebridge.net). David will be using a Ruby/Rails CMS called "radiant" to create some basic infrastructure, including about pages, project pages, product pages, blogs, etc. First create a pre-order form (1 week), then we will use the paypal shopping cart API (3 weeks).

Armature Sewing[edit]

Rachel and Eric met, and Rachel sewed up a couple of different versions of the anklet. Now that she has built a couple, she's going to go home and think about how best to make them cheaply and easily.

We did some research on Ankle and Waist sizes. Simple Body Measurements. 252 cases with measurements of ankle and waist circumference. Ankle: 7.5 inch - 11.6 inch. Waist: 30-48 inch.

Rachel decided that 9 inch zippers make the most sense to standardize on. The armatures will be about 11 inches long. She thinks a surger will be the easiest/best way to handle the edges (but may change her mind yet)

Eric will work towards a waist armature+motor array tomorrow.

Eric will also source some more display loop - get another sample if possible, maybe order some from eBay as well.