Hacker Table

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This is a table, built by Metrix Create Space up in Seattle. This solution provides power, and lights to a setup that can't simply walk away.

Two outlet boxes at either end of the table connect a PVC bridge over the stable hanging two cheap lights from IKEA. The outlets and lights are fed by a simple extension cord under the table. The lights switch on and off by switches above the outlet boxes. This whole thing is permanently attached to the tables. The tables themselves were bought from IKEA and came with a kid protective coating which is whiteboard marker friendly, extremely handy. The light was super bright and totally perfect for that space.

For Noisebridge we could also modify this to include an ethernet drop on either end, but that might get messy with all the cables dangling off of the table.

Metrix stated that two outlets on either end of the stable wasn't enough for their needs. We could go with 4 on either end, plus add another outlet or two on the bottom for chaining another table from.