Hacking Halloween

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Robots and Skeletons hacking halloween

Hacking Halloween[edit]

Monday, October 24th, 2022. 7:00PM-??

Bring your supplies and let's work together on our Halloween costumes and decorations!

Sew and put LEDs in your costume. 3D print or laser cut accessories. Jazz up your Jack-O-Lantern with sensors and blinkenlights. Work on your spooky projection mapping. Make your 12-ft tall skeleton animatronic.

Noisebridge has 6,000 sq ft of work tables, soldering irons, 2d and 3d printers, a laser cutter, sewing machines, a woodshop, and more! Friendly Noisebridgers will be on hand to help out and troubleshoot.

No experience necessary, depending on the turnout we may not be available to teach 1-on-1 how to use a given machine. We will, however, be able to help you troubleshoot, and give advice on techniques, etc.

We're entirely supported by donations from the community. This event is free, but we suggest a sliding scale donation of $10-30 going towards the maintenance and equipment of the space. Please donate to help us run the space if you can, but no one is turned away from lack of funds.

Noisebridge Circuit Hacking and Sewing groups have events listed on Meetup and you can RSVP there if you'd like:


Some of our machines require prior training if you'd like to use them independently. Trainings are regularly scheduled on Meetup.

Need electronics for your costume? Try Adafruit.

Fabric? Fabric Outlet on Mission is within walking distance.

Looking for SF art supply stores? Check out Mendel's, Flax, Blick, etc

Sources for stuff to upcycle: Noisebridge hackshelves (so much e-waste), SCRAP, Community Thrift, craigslist, freecycle, etc