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Hackstations are Kiosk enclosures for major tools/activity areas with attendant pegboard for attaching relevant bookshelves/supplies relevant and Signage elevated above it to make it easy to find with instructions for use.

Organizers: User:Lxpk


Current Stations[edit]

  • 3D Printing
    • Maintenance Costs
      • Filament use prices
    • Training Log
  • Designing first station for game development


  • Library station with reviewed best books to start each course of study.
  • 3D printing station with instructions.


  • Shared plans and video on how to construct the common types of stations for various common hackerspace tools
  • Getting those shared to the tools-in-spaces database pages at Hackerspaces.org


  • Incorporate electronic touch screen kiosks into the 3D printing station to allow printing common objects without plugging in a laptop

Ingrediants of a Hackstation[edit]

  • Kiosk platform for tool with pegboard backing
  • Tools on pegs
  • Attract sign
  • Instructions sign