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Haytechies logo 260x100.png

Hayward Techies makerspace group holds online meetings twice a month to organize setting up a permanent makerspace in Hayward.

Hayward Techies with their epic Hayward Flaschen Faschen

We are a group of techies, makers, programmers, and entrepreneurs bringing together the tech community in the Hayward and surrounding areas. Many of us are professionals, students, and hobbyists in software development, IT, and electronics.

It's fun working on tech projects. Would you like to learn to code? Are you an entrepreneur looking to create a startup? Do you enjoy tech and making things, or just curious and would like to learn something new? You should join us!

We currently meet at a few locations around Hayward. We're interested in forming community spaces such as hackerspaces and coworking spaces.

Ways to help[edit | edit source]

  • Please join our Meetup group to stay informed on where and when we meet and upcoming events.
  • Recommend a meetup location for a Hayward Techies event
  • Recommend a physical space for Hayward Techies to set up permanently.

Noisebridge Collabs[edit | edit source]

  • Carl built a sister Hayward Flaschen Taschen that you can see when he calls in!
  • Hayward Gamebridge classes have been taught at the beautiful Hayward library.

Supporters[edit | edit source]

People interested in helping and how.

  • User:Lxpk: Help with wiki/meta and teaching gamedev/vr.
  • User:Gaardn: Helping with fundraising.
  • Add yourself here if you're interested and contact User:Carl