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aka: DJ Booth, and Tea Room

Musical composition and creation space, currently housing Douglas's crazy bad ass sound generating multi-jacked-up contraption.

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Heaven is an analog/digital audio workstation located in the back of Noisebridge up in the booth. It is composed of many tools for composing, creating, editing and recording music. It is centered on 2 main pieces, a computer running a variety of software, and a rather large modular synthesizer. it is heard through a older JVC receiver/amp playing through some homemade speakers and a pair of computer speakers.


We have an iMac powerpc tower running a licensed version of the Ableton Live Suite version 8. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ableton_Live https://www.ableton.com


On loan is an analog modular synthesizer in the large moog format.


The booth is set up so that the modular synth can be sequenced from and recorded into ableton live. You can then edit your sounds inside live using any of the many effects and plug ins available.




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