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FIXME this page could be more helpful if it has information wrt

  • noisebridge wiki policies (read "shared mind")
  • what can be done that's not obvious from the wikimedia help, e.g. how to create a new page when editing and adding an internal link, how to make categories....
  • who's in charge: what noisebridge personages to ask for help, to ask for changes in user permissions

if i knew any of the answers to the above, i'd have provided them. --Jim 00:34, 27 September 2009 (PDT)

Seeed Studio is looking for work with Makerspace.[edit]


This is Chris from Seeed Studio and exploring the opportunities in education market in US. We will have more investment to support our education clients and more resources in this market as well .

We would like to help Maker space to grow up and to help the makers fulfill their dream to finish the prototype . If you interested in cooperate with us , I could provide sales discount ,marketing support, technical support etc ... What do you thing about it ? please feel free let me know . Thanks .