Honey Cooler drink manual - short workshop form

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Manual for honey cooler drink preparation[edit]

  • culture volume Vc = 5 l

active culture[edit]

  • whey (1% (v/v)) = 50 ml


  • yoghurt (1% (v/v)) = 50 ml


  • honey cooler (2% (v/v)) = 100 ml


  • honey (10% (v/v)) = 500 ml


1 tea spoon of sea salt


  • 5 l culture container (glass, narrow, sealable mouth)
  • 4 l bowl/pot
  • cheese cloth or muslin
  • measuring vessel (250 ml; 1 l)
  • spoon
  • funnel

Working manual[edit]

- prepare a bowl or pot and transfer the honey in to it

- add around 1 l of warm water (less than 60°C) and dissolve the honey

- add around 2 l of cold water and stir the mix well

- check the temperature, when lukewarm (less than 30°C) transfer to the fermentation vessel though the funnel

- add 50 ml of the active culture and salt if you like

- bring to the final volume (Vc = 5 l) with cold water

- seal the bottle by a water lock or lid and let to ferment anaerobically (sealed, not open to the air) at room temperature (25-30°C) out of direct sun for 4-6 days (if lid is used release the pressure every day!)

- start to taste after three days and look for bubbles confirming active fermentation

- once tastes fermented and to your liking

- add flavouring agent if you like

/ - if you prefer still drink transfer the liquid to the sealable bottles and move to the cold

/ - if you like fizzy drinks add some extra honey (or another sugar source) so the sweetness is a bit higher than you like

- transfer to the sealable bottles and close well

- let to secondary ferment in now sealed bottles at room temperature for 1-2 days (good tip - bottle at least to one plastic bottle so you can easily touch and observe the pressure in the container)

- transfer to the fridge

- let the flavours combine for week or so

- drink is usually best after 2-4 weeks stored at cold