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Honey cooler is a drink based on fermentation of sugar source of various origin by probiotic cultures such as kefir or yogurt. This drink was developed in cooperation of Three Stone Hearth Kitchen in Berkeley and Tastebridge. It was made commercially available around the SF Bay area by Three Stone Hearths and on occasions it was also available under Tastebridge for tasting and promotional activities.

This drink is very refreshing especially if secondary fermentation takes place. The most favorite flavors were based on fermentation of honey by yogurt or kefir culture with addition of ginger&lime, hibiscus&ginger and lavender&rooibos herbal mix. This drink is certainly less acidic than kombucha and if the sugar concentration is kept within 6-9% (w/v) it can be drunk during the day in larger quantities (1-3 l), at least that is my personal experience and judgment.

The most simple recipe would be fermentation of honey (7-10% (w/v) by kefir culture with direct infusion of raw graded ginger. The temperature should range from 20-30°C and the primary fermentation should be done within 4-6 days. After straining the ginger, addition of desired flavor and sweeting if liked, the drink is bottled and left to secondary ferment for another 1-2 days in close bottles at room temperature. After that it has to be kept at cold (4-6°C) to stop the fermentation and it is highly recommended to let it mature for week or two. It is very delicious especially if served during warm summer days. More detailed recipe is below.

Recipe Honey Cooler