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You can join Noisebridge simply by showing up as a participant during our Hours. Participants who want to get more involved can attend meetings and applying to become either an official philanthropist who donates and has 24 hour access or a full Noisebridge Member which has the power to block consensus decisions. 24 hour access comes with the responsibility for closing the space at night.

Participant[edit | edit source]

Everyone who participates in Noisebridge is a participant. Participants have new and old participate by do-ocracy and do things that look like they need doing while being excellent in doing so. All participants have a voice in meetings and consensus and may propose, discuss and give reasons for blocking consensus items items.

Members can also give Participants 30-day access, which allows them to come into the space from noon to 10 PM.

Philanthropist[edit | edit source]

Philanthropists give back to Noisebridge with monthly donations and have 4 hour access tokens and responsibility for closing at night. You can become a Philanthropist by showing up at meetings and getting 1 member to sponsor you. If you're approved you'll be asked to donate, given an access token, and briefed on how to close up.

  • Philanthropy+: If you wish to be able to grant temporary access tokens to people but don't want to apply for full membership, you can ask at meetings for Philanthropy+ and be consensed for it.

Member[edit | edit source]

Members take responsibility for the long-term stewardship of Noisebridge and can block consensus items. You can apply for membership at meetings and after 4 weeks a consensus determines if you become a member. Membership is not required for participation in consensus discussions and non-members can point out reasons to block that members might agree with and block on their behalf.

Things To Do As a Noisebridger[edit | edit source]

Here is a list of steps people usually complete as they become part of the Noisebridge community. All are optional, and they may be completed in any order.

  • Enter Noisebridge
  • Strike up a productive conversation with other Noisebridge visitors
    • Your chats don't have to be with members.
  • Ask someone to give you a tour
    • Ask them how they learned about Noisebridge
  • Attend a Weekly Meeting
    • But don't stress it if you're not a meeting person
  • Create a Wiki User Account
    • Make some edits.
    • Create a user page.
    • Copy this to-do list to your user page. Strike out the tasks you've accomplished.
    • Point out spam to people who can delete it.
  • Join a like-minded Mailinglist
    • Send a message introducing yourself
  • Try and comprehend our particular flavor of collectivist, diversified anarchy by reading the Hours page.
    • Don't worry if it seems a bit strange.
  • Clean up something that needs cleaning
  • Befriend a member.
  • Ask for access to Slack
  • Be excellent in a new and surprising way
  • Get a proper tour of the Dirty / Wood shop.
    • Don't be afraid of the scary tools.
    • Fingers grow back, right?
  • Attend Circuit Hacking Monday
    • Buy a kit and build it.
  • Take a class
  • Set up a recurring donation
  • Become familiar with where we as a community have been by listening to Victoria drone on about the histories of Noisebridge
  • Edit a wiki page that could use some improvement
    • Add something to this list
  • Learn to use the vinyl cutter
    • Make a sticker for your laptop.
    • Make a sticker for somebody else's laptop
  • Learn how to use the sewing machines
  • Learn to use the Lasercutter
  • Learn to use the 3d printers
  • Give a class
  • Give a newcomer a tour
  • Apply for Membership
  • Get a Hackerspace Passport
    • Add a Noisebridge visa
  • Help out other more newbie newbies
  • Hack the planet