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“O-Oooohh…” Rubin110 moaned, feeling a deep pulse in his balls. He felt like he had a serious case of blue-balls, and even as he leaned back to gaze upon his big-titted creation, he could feel his nuts pushing into his thighs. He felt swollen and puffy, like they had become a pair of baseballs. “Looks like there’s a party in your pants!” Setient giggled, “And here I don’t recall getting an invitation.” Her eyes were transfixed on his junk. Rubin110’s eyes followed her line of sight, tearing away from her massive jugs only for a second. He was glad he looked. “W-What the--” He was at a loss for words; his balls were each as big as his fist, pressing and squeezing against each other between his sweaty legs. “What’s going on with my balls?!” he yelled, witnessing them swell even larger right before his eyes. Still he continued to jerk off, the pleasure and sights too good to pass up. He felt like his sack was filling, pumping fuller and fuller with fluids. It bounced hot and heavy against the side of his hand with each stroke, his skin taut and firm as it began to resemble more of a cantaloupe, swelling big and round. He shuddered, the pleasure he felt like nothing else he had ever encountered. It was like he could feel himself edging closer and closer to the biggest orgasm of his life, but it only continued to build, like a great hormonal pressure. Setient giggled again, sending tight ripples across her leaking tits. “They actually have quite a bit of stretch to them, don’t they…??” Her eyes were wide with wonder as she watched, but Rubin110 saw no surprise in them. “Did...Did you do...something to me?” he moaned, his breathing heavy and labored. The growth between his legs was quickening, and his legs were actually beginning to be forced apart by the tightening basketball-sized sack. “Nothing you didn’t do to me, I suppose.” Setient confessed, a wide devilish grin spreading across her face. “I mean, this was you, wasn’t it?” She wrapped her arms across her bust and hugged them tightly, milk spraying in all directions. “I-I-I…” Rubin110’s eyes widened, both at her revelation and the feeling of his block and tackle growing even larger. Even his cock itself had begun to swell, nearly twice it’s size, looking tight and firm, and tinge of purple on its surface as veins began to rise down his shaft and over his balls. She only laughed. “Apparently since you made a wish directly affecting me, it’s cosmic law that I only get one in return! And you’ll never guess what it was…” Rubin110’s legs started shaking, and with a slick movement his bursting berries were forced out in front of him by his legs. His free hand cradling them, trying to hold them up and against his thighs. His skin felt like a drum on his fingers, and he could feel his heartbeat throbbing inside them, each of his nuts like a volleyball. It looked like he was trying to hold a skin-tone balloon against his legs, blue and purple veins streaking over its surface. “M-Make it stop…” he asked half-heartedly. As incredible as his member felt, he could sense a limit approaching. “They’re getting too big…!” “See, now there’s the thing.” Setient said matter of factly. Rubin110 watched her start to laugh again as the weight of his balls grew too heavy, and he collapsed onto his back. His balls bounced dangerously tight on the wooden floor, spreading between his legs and forcing them apart. His skin shone bright and smooth, almost reflecting the sunlight, and still his hands couldn’t leave his dick. He heard Clair get up with a loud grunt, her breasts slapping together with a tight wetness as she moved. She stood at his feet, looking over his impossibly large ballsack. “The thing is, I didn’t put a limit on your growth. You’re going to keep going until...well...I bet you can guess!” Rubin110’s face grew white with the realization of what he had done. He winced suddenly, a sharp pain in his crotch. A deep red stretch mark had split across his balls, veins as thick as his pinky pulsating around it. “O-Ok, it’s starting to hurt now! I’m getting too full!” He was panicking now, he cock filling and thickening enough that he couldn’t get his fingers halfway around his shaft. “Oh I’ll show you too full!” Setient laughed menacingly, striding towards him. “Please, just make it stop!” Rubin110 gulped as he felt his horniness surge, Clair dropping the tattered swimsuit from around her waist and straddling herself over him, facing her tits towards his dick. This only seemed to speed up his swelling, another stretch mark bursting in his skin, this time up the shaft of his cock. “My my…! You really are getting pretty full aren’t you?” she cooed, tenderly running her pointed nails across his balls. His heart beat madly, feeling their sharp edges pressing threateningly into his over-stretched balls. He tried to get up, but she sat on his chest, forcing him down. With a smooth motion she slid his cock and hand between her cleavage, moving her milky mammaries up and down. As much danger as he could feel he was in, his body still responded accordingly, pleasure rushing through him and filling his cock and balls with more of his bodily fluids. Rubin110 could feel his blood pumping tighter and tighter into his genitals, each time his skin growing more firm. The stretch marks screamed, and three more instantly popped as Setient brought her boobs down hard with a loud smack, threatening waves running over his balls. “My balls are too full! I feel like they’re going to explode ! Oooooohhhh they’re really starting to hurt now!” “Nonsense!” Setient giggled, squeezing her tits tightly around his dick. “I can still feel you growing and filling.” Even with her sitting on his chest, Rubin110 could now see the sides of his testicles swelling out on the left and right, each one like a beachball. Every second felt like a burst of growth, and his skin had begun to take on a red tinge, each one of his veins now a dark purple and as wide as a quarter. It felt like someone had stuck a bike pump in his cock, and was intent of making him burst. He felt multiple veins just burst then, dark bruises spreading over his bulging balls. The pain made his eyes water. “I-I feel so close to coming!” Rubin110 admitted, “If I could just...orgasm...I feel I could release all...all this pressure !!” Setient threw her head back and almost cackled at that, “There’s not a chance I'm letting that happen! You’ll come when I say you can. That is, if you last that long.” With an audible pop! , Rubin110 felt the head of his distended dick emerge from the top of her cleavage, his legs nearly doing the splits as his balls gained even more circumference. He felt like his body could rip apart at any moment, his skin a taut and swollen minefield of stretch marks and bulging veins. He didn’t have very long. “Ok ok! I’m sorry! I shouldn’t have made your boobs fill with milk!” he yelled, his hands still trapped in her cleavage. He was completely powerless. “It’s far too late for apologies. You enjoy messing with people’s bodies? I’m about to give you a lesson you’ll never forget!” Setient squeezed her chest hard, gushing milk over his engorged balls, the white milk turning pink from the red skin underneath. To his complete horror--and pleasure--she started licking the tip of his cock between her tits, sucking the head with small popping sounds as her lips released their suction. The pressure was quickly mounting, and Rubin110 knew he was well beyond his limits. “I-I’m going to burst! I need to come now !!” “Uhuhhhh!” Setient moaned, her mouth full. A loud rumble started to fill the small room, and Rubin110 started panting and wincing in pain as he realized his balls her shaking. Each quiver they seemed to pulse enormous, his skin fighting with all its might to keep his body together. Two yoga-sized balls sat between his legs, almost taller than Setient. Veins like garden hoses fought along their surface, and a new stretch mark appeared every second. “T-Too big!” Rubin110 begged, “I’m gonna...I’m gonna...I’m gonna buuuuuuurst!! ” With a loud smack, Setient’s lips released his head. KAAABLOOOOSH All at once, a giant rip split up the length of Rubin110’s balls along their center, rendering his sack wide open to a large gushing wave of blood, veins, and tattered skin. His overfilled nuts burst at the same time, a wash of white running into the sea of red and turning it a dull pink. Like a rocket, his dick exploded off of his crotch, tearing along its side in the process and shooting upwards between her tits and over her head, raining blood over her blonde hair and face before falling limp on the ground. Its contents released, his ballsack lay limp and deflated over his legs like some kind of gorey blanket. The floor was flooded with two inches of bodily fluids, and Setient’s feet splashed red along the walls as she slipped, trying to stand, blood still dripping out from between her chest. With an effort, she stood up, seeing Noisebridge covered in a deep red, the windows completely covered.