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[edit] Project Name


[edit] Proposer

thex (talk) 01:07, 14 June 2013 (UTC)

[edit] Summary

An excellent chamber for conducting human research and experiments on the mind.

WTF: Where did this come from? See: Reboot

[edit] What Will Be Done


[edit] What Areas in the Space Will This Affect

This could be put about anywhere, preferably near showers or changing room in a low traffic area of the space. A structural assessment needs to be made as well to determine load bearing feasibility.

[edit] Who Will Be Doing It


[edit] Why This Will Be Good

It'd be frick'n awesome, and something hackers from around the World could come and experience.

[edit] Why This Will Be Bad

Could be expensive to maintain if not managed properly, would need to develop safety procedures for proper experimentation and water leak contingencies.

[edit] How Long Will It Take

This project could be started over a weekend, and may take an extended amount of time to complete.

[edit] In A Fantastic World, What Extra Budget Would You Like

Budget for acquiring proper salts, filtration and automation systems.

[edit] Are There Any Other PFAs This Would Work Well With


[edit] Are There Any Other PFAs This Would Contradict

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