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Icarus is a Java-based Android application that is developed for and tested on the G1 phone. It is part of the Spacebridge project.

Currently maintained by nf (nf@wh3rd.net) and located in a Mercurial repository (http://bitbucket.org/0x0000/icarus/). Contributions are encouraged (It's really easy!) just keep in mind the key goal of this project is reliability before all else.

In its current form, it logs the following values from the phone's internal sensors:

  • Latitude, Longitude, Altitude (GPS)
  • Temperature (AK8976A)
  • Orientation (AK8976A)
  • Magnetic fields in 3 dimensions (AK8976A)
  • Accelerometer in 3 dimensions (AK8976A)

It writes the data, timestamped, to a file on the SD card: 'IcarusLog'.

If it has GSM connectivity and has a GPS lock, it will report its GPS coordinates once a minute via SMS. It has been tested to recover from loss of both GPS and GSM signals.

Todo list: (immediate future)

  • Make the destination phone number and SMS interval configurable.
  • Other interface cosmetic enhancements.

Todo list: (pie in sky)

  • Make Icarus signal an external camera at a particular altitude threshold (eg, to start a video record on descent).
  • Icarus itself could record video and/or take photos at specified altitudes using the phone's internal camera.