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Have you heard of strange-tundra?

Strange-tundra is a genre, mode and methodology of writing music which samples the sounds of ice, wind, choir and vocals to create an atmospheric, experimental, meditational sound. 

In simpler words, it is ice music.

At this Soundbath we will be playing only strange-tundra. Written by Ice-Composer Xxhe, emerge in our Ice cave under the soothe-sounds of gently cracking ice, soft winds, distant choir and ethereal vocals.

A professional vocalist as well, Xxhe's voice will vibrate the air above you as you swing eye-closed conscious drifts.

At HOX, our soundbaths are the most unique in the Bay.

Alike to a sensory deprivation tank, the ground will shake beneath you as you drift your eyes through the thrawls of a wakeful sleep, recharging and resetting your body. It is alright to fall asleep.

For Maximum Comfort, please bring: a Yoga Mat Water Bottle Warm Blanket and Pillow Comfortable Clothing (Removeable Layers) Warm Socks (It is okay to sleep during the soundbath!)

Available at the venue: Blackout Eye Masks Warm Herbal Tea Altar for Offerings and Intention Writing


  • Downstairs Hackitorium


  • 6:00-7:30PM Doors Open, Ice Music SoundBath
  • 7:30-8:00PM Reflections, Connect with Strangers
  • 8:00PM Event Closes

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