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Here is a list of the current support systems at Noisebridge that are in current need of work.

I'm sure I missed some, and I expect I also have incomplete information for some. Please update the table below as is useful. If there is additional comment, please add it to that field rather than delete the previous comment.

To add a new row, copy the bottom-most row and edit the text to suit the new topic.

Item Status Need Notes
Internal File Sharing Noisebridge's previous file-sharing system and methods appear to not be working James has put together a filesharing system that appears to be working. How might James' system be expanded and supported?
Internal WiFi addressing
Slack Admin sharing A hierarchical top-down admin who adds or deletes account is a bottleneck, and also contrary to Noisebridge's way of doing things A shared account with a shared email password among a few people would be a good solution for this.
Noisebridge wiki needed for easier and fuller documentation Adding new information currently requires understanding and using Wiki markup, which is a barrier Add WYSIWIG components to Noisebridge Wiki so it is easier used as a tool to share and update information. Since the Noisebridge wiki is apparently mediawiki, there should be a trusted way to add a trusted and stable WYSIWIG component.